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As a guy whose ancestors were colonial settlers in Pennsylvania, a lot of seven or eight of which were killed by Native Americans, paid by Tories, I feel like I should chime in: That was maybe the last good thing Tories ever did.
Settlers be like "the natives were no angels"
Anyone know any funny bits about burning oil execs’ children at the stake?
*adult children
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If it was a rainbow flag they would all be screaming about grooming
My teacher has a blue lives matter flag in his classroom. Based!
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Hot “The Fossil Fuel Industry Knew About the Climate Crisis 40 Years Ago and Spent Billions To Block Action” Summer
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White Christian nationalists have always been so clear that they do not want you having sex for pleasure or doing anything that is outside of their narrow confines of “morality.” They don’t want anyone to enjoy freedoms of individuality, joy, or creativity. It’s white supremacy.
Trump-endorsed state rep. candidate Jacky Eubanks says that if it came to a vote in the MI legislature, she would vote to make birth control illegal. “Sex ought to be between one man and one woman in the confines of marriage…and open to life. Absolutely.”
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Tucker Carlson maybe is dishonest????
Tucker Carlson has promoted the core principles behind the "great replacement theory" hundreds of times — including on his program Tuesday. Minutes after claiming he was “still not sure exactly what it is," Carlson again promoted the theory.
This guy’s book is gonna be an amazing movie.
Leaders of The People's Convoy have now called Maryland State Troopers on their followers as supporters consider storming into a luxury RV where leaders are hiding.
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Convoy-goers are extremely upset at the Hagerstown Speedway over the end of the convoy. "Fuck the government and fuck the leaders of the People's Convoy! Fuck you!" a lady yelled.
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Great post - the asset and mean testing design in SSI truly is insane, and it’s really encouraging to see policymakers on the left and right start to take this more seriously
This may be the worst damn policy I've ever seen. @jdcmedlock has been telling me to write about this for months, because he correctly intuited I'd hate it. Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown recently unveiled a fix, which gave me an impetus to write it up.…
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Jonathan, this is a LOT of money our Jewish community is paying you, for you to spend your day comparing a guy who made a dad joke to terrorists who murder people. This kind of intellectual smallness is a busha and you should apologize.
Daily reminder that the extreme right & radical left overlap like a Venn diagram around #antisemitism. It’s irresponsible & inappropriate for a progressive leader, or anyone, to tweet this. It's flippant & insulting to the mainstream Jewish community, which @J_Insider serves.
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The People's Convoy is attempting to secretly ambush D.C. at some point later tonight under cover of darkness. Yet, in utilizing both MDOT and listening to loose-lipped supporters, it appears the convoy is attempting to post up near the National Portrait Gallery.
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All of my online features are bugs.
To me, none of you have a height nor any physical features. You are simply demons that exist inside my phone to torture me.
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.@RepAndyHarrisMD - There should be nothing partisan about feeding our babies. My God, there should be some issues on which we can all agree. You need to put aside the partisan politics and agree to some sensible solutions. We have had enough.
Typical Andy Harris. All complaints. No solutions. Votes against bipartisan bills to solve the problem. He just voted NO on a critical bipartisan bill to address the infant formula shortage. Caring is working to fix a problem, Andy, not just complaining about it. We see you.
$.50 to anyone who has the time Papelbon photobombed a WaPo story about a gun show.
Replying to @KevMagnet
Reminds me of the time I was watching a documentary on YouTube and he just wandered into frame:…
Points to the person who did the transcription I printed of Freedy Johnston’s famous lyric: “Suddenly I’m Down On Harold’s Square”. Nice guy, Harold. Bit of a nerd, maybe.
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It’s “Harolds Baine”, please.
Better to run into the info button than add headroom to the chart, I suppose.
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This is a way of saying the Republicans voted against the Dems bill to stop price gouging at the gas pump.
JUST NOW: House Democrats forced through legislation to impose socialist price controls on fuel. This is basic supply and demand: we need more supply, not less, and de-incentivizing production means that prices will continue to climb.
ME: (when famous musician plays a song they “just wrote” but no one’s ever heard) oh.