#OTD in 1961, NASA astronaut Alan Shepard became the first American to fly in space aboard his Mercury capsule named Freedom 7. How have NASA astronauts inspired you to follow your dreams? #NationalAstronautDay

May 5, 2022 · 4:40 PM UTC

By saying anything is possible as far as u can imagine it!
As a non-American and non-Russian, it always seemed really gross how they dress their military people up like scientists... if one believes they're the only qualified citizens, I'd ask why no better investment was made
In the fourth photo, the class III is written under the helmet, can you tell what it is?
Even with all the great advancements in safety from the earliest days of the space program I think NASA astronauts are the bravest human beings on our planet. I'm inspired by their work every time I look into the night sky to focus on the moon or a distant planet. God bless them